STATION II: Tributes for Kings (Jesus Accepts His Cross)

STATION II: Tributes for Kings (Jesus Accepts His Cross)

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Mixed media oilgraph on canvas with blood // 36” x 36"

In this Station we see Jesus from the point of view of the Father and looking down from the top of the cross. The soldiers' hand are on either side. 

You've been given the crown
now is the throne

In your mind's eye
you can still see the tree
from which it came
breathed full with your breath
and now returned to you

your final earthly tribute

Trapped in the confines of flesh
you know it will be too much to bear

(Just a little ways...
just a little ways
to the hill)

You can see them now
angels by the thousands
poised ready to carry this tree
with a breath

(Not now....
This is mine)

We are asked to contemplate, "What is the cross you are called to bear?
Will you pick it up?"

Please note, the original oilgraphs in Kevissimo's 'Tribute to Kings' series are to remain as one unit and are therefor not available for individual sale.

Original Oilgraph:
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