STATION IV: The Eyes That Shine (Jesus Says Goodbye to His Mother)

STATION IV: The Eyes That Shine (Jesus Says Goodbye to His Mother)

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Mixed media oilgraph on canvas with blood // 36” x 36"

In this Station, Mary, Jesus's mother risks her safety to comfort Him. So close and even they cannot look in each other's eyes. And if you look closely in the bottom right corner, you will see an actual strand of hair. This was from my friend we called 'Stormy.' While shooting the Stations, her and her husband Rob came over to photograph him shaving her head before the chemotherapy she was to undergo for breast cancer took it. All I can remember was her asking him, "Am I still pretty? Am I still pretty?" She beat the cancer, but it returned four years later. It took her in the fall of 2009.

And tonight our friend Milly enters the last stage of her fight with cancer, which too has returned after being beaten just years before. May the viewing of this piece, and anything your feel, become a prayer for her...
this night
this moment...

I'm sorry...
Mother, I'm sorry
You never deserved this

This is the chapter the angel never told you
And would you have accepted it
if you knew?

Joseph gone and
it was just you and me then...

I'm sorry, Mother
Your last soldier
goes to war

We are asked to contemplate, "If you knew you were to die soon, who is the first person you would think of and why?"

Please note, the original oilgraphs in Kevissimo's 'Tribute to Kings' series are to remain as one unit and are therefor not available for individual sale.

Original Oilgraph:
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