STATION IX: Golgotha (Jesus Falls for the Last Time)

STATION IX: Golgotha (Jesus Falls for the Last Time)

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Mixed media oilgraph on canvas with blood // 36” x 36"

The journey is over. Jesus arrives at Golgotha; the place where He is to die. As He collapses under His cross, not even the soldier moves. What remains to be done will be carried out by other hands.

Too late

You pitch over the cliff
of yourself
and the earth rushes
gaping at your face

A rock like lightening brings

For the first time

Then somewhere
from an ocean you hear
'Get up. It's time.'

But it doesn't matter anymore
Nothing matters anymore

Hungry Golgotha
You are already here

In this Station we are asked to contemplate, "In our times of greatest sorrow and weakness, on whom do we rely? Is there anything or anyone beyond ourselves that we can count on?"

Please note, the original oilgraphs in Kevissimo's 'Tribute to Kings' series are to remain as one unit and are therefor not available for individual sale.

Original Oilgraph:
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