STATION VI: I Remember (Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus)

STATION VI: I Remember (Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus)

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Mixed media oilgraph on canvas with blood // 36” x 36"

In this Station we see Veronica putting herself in harms way to comfort Jesus. It is believed in tradition, that Veronica is the woman that Jesus healed of bleeding.  It is also the moment that we witness Simon beginning to realize the kind of man he is carrying the cross for. 

Memories of blood
the years have not wiped away

Sanguine dream of myself spilling out
rivers of shame

Then you...
Your robe...
The robe I just had to...

Your friends tried to stop me and
who was I to approach you?

Then your face
That face...

Your eyes healed me there
and I swear not a day has passed
or a sun drunk into the sea
that I don't remember you

And though other hands try to stop me now
allow me this...
My Lord
My one last remembrance

Your robe
The blood
and the never setting sun
of your face

In this Station we are asked to contemplate, "Who is the person who has sacrificed the most for you? Thank them...And who could you give comfort to now?"

Please note, the original oilgraphs in Kevissimo's 'Tribute to Kings' series are to remain as one unit and are therefor not available for individual sale.

Original Oilgraph:
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