STATION I: The Guilty Hand
 (Jesus is Condemned to Die)

STATION I: The Guilty Hand
 (Jesus is Condemned to Die)

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Mixed media oilgraph on canvas with blood // 36” x 36" 

This scene depicts the moment Pontious Pilate condemns Jesus to death and washes his hands of any responsibility. To his left is his wife, who in a dream, saw Jesus' innocence and urged her husband not to get involved. The hand of a soldier leads Him away. Above is the gallery of witnesses including Barabbas, who by the urging of the mobs, was released instead of Jesus. 

"Three years…

And for what do we dream?
In the oceans of the unseen
stirs a vision of death

It was in the age before flesh gave you pain
and gravity pulled your feet against the rocks
that you yourself breathed…you saw

In the silence of a world yet to be
you saw this moment
and chose it

Spirit speaks dreams to a wife
of a horror to happen
The tragic mistake of giving in
to cries for blood and now the washing away
of a life that has with Grace
ripped the world in two

And no water of man
will wash clean the hand of this one
and if only they knew
the blood to come
would wash away
every war

And the legions of angels
who in times of long ago
turned cities to ash
and poised to yield the same
press against the chains of a command to hold their rage

and to watch
as we watch

as you
the innocent of innocents
is sent to die

In this Station we are asked to contemplate, "What in your life is unfair?"

Please note, the original oilgraphs in Kevissimo's 'Tribute to Kings' series are to remain as one unit and are therefor not available for individual sale.

Original Oilgraph:
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