Fuji Lustre Paper has a semi-gloss finish and a light texture. Kevissimo chose this paper because of its impressive rich black and beautiful detail reproduction. Works are printed like traditional photographs in color with full bleed.

10x30  Lustre Photograph                 $35

11x14 Lustre Photograph                   $27

12x18 Lustre Photograph                   $30

16x20 Lustre Photograph                   $37

10x20 Lustre Photograph                   $23

20x20 Lustre Photograph                   $55

8x10 Lustre Photograph                     $20

8x12 Lustre Photograph                     $22

8x24  Lustre Photograph                     $25

10x10 Lustre Photograph                   $25

10x20 Lustre Photograph                   $23



Paper designed for the highest quality prints. 100% Cotton heavy weight paper (310 gsm). Smooth Fine Art Prints are the first choice for collectors who prefer an especially bright white cotton paper. This paper has a smooth surface and offers very high detail prints. 

12x18 Fine Art Paper Print                  $95

16x20 Fine Art Paper Print                  $105

18x24 Fine Art Paper Print                  $118

20x20 Fine Art Paper Print                  $125

8x10 Fine Art Paper Print                    $60

12x12 Fine Art Paper Print                  $76

11x14 Fine Art Paper Print                  $80

10x20 Fine Art Paper Print                  $95



Canvas floats are wrapped around light weight flat board and come with black paper backing and a 3/4” floater block with pre-drilled holes. Using the latest in ECO printing technology these prints are on 400GSM white poly-cotton canvas. Excellent color rendition, saturation and sharpness. The manufacturer of this material is also proud to help to rebuild forests by planting a tree for every roll of material used. They do this by partnering with American Forests. You can find more about this incredible organization here 

10x20 Canvas Float               $137

16x16 Canvas Float                $148

16x20 Canvas Float                $155

8x8 Canvas Float                   $74

8x10 Canvas Float                  $81

11x14 Canvas Float                $100



Kevissimo and House of Wren have chosen this  unique and beautiful medium as another avenue to display his work. The image is permanently part of the aluminum sheet and made from 100% recycled metal. Vibrant, sharp and high detail.

10x20 Metal Float                   $90

12x18 Metal Float                    $98

16x20 Metal Float                    $130

20x20 Metal Float                    $180

5x7 Metal Easel                       $38

6x6 Metal Easel                       $38

10x10 Metal Float                    $60

11x14 Metal Float                    $70



For the first time Kevissimo and House of Wren are offering select original OilGraphs for purchase online. From the smallest unmounted works to the large major works, each will come with a certificate of authenticity and are professionally crated and shipped. Smaller works not needing crating will be shipped in custom art boxes. The costs for shipping will be added to the purchase price but please inquire if you have any questions. Owning an original of Kevissimo's work is a rare opportunity for which you now have a chance. Thank you to all of our collectors.                     

THE LITTLE ONES:                                                                                               $110      


6.5x10             $315                           

7x11                 $335                           

8x10                 $335                           

11x14              $400                           

16x20              $500     


4x7                  $275                           

5x6                  $275                           

5x7                  $275                           

5x8                  $290                           

6.5x9              $315               

24x24              $1815

20x30              $2000

24x32              $2225

24x34              $2650

24x36              $2900

38x27              $3250

33x33              $3500

24x48              $4000

36x36              $4250

32x42              $4800

36x42              $5300

36x48              $5900

42x42              $6500

36x60              $8000

48x48              $8700 & above


4x6                  $245

5x5                  $250

5x7                  $320                                       

6x8                  $350   

8x10                $400                           

8x14                $450

9x14                $475

11x12            $505

11x14            $530

11x20            $600

14x18            $650

16x20              $715                           

20x20              $850

18x23              $965                           

18x24              $1200