In The Time of The Judges, An Oilgraph Series by Kevin "Kevissimo" Rolly This film clip documents Kevin Rolly's creation of The Final Vengeance - The Death of Samson, a mixed media "oil graph" measuring 48"x36" on wood panel. One in a vast series of oilgraphs depicting the powerful stories contained in the Biblical narrative in The Book of Judges.

The creation of the latest Oilgraph piece...this time with gunpowder. This piece (and this series) is a massive departure for me in terms of style and approach. But feeling compelled by the dynamics tearing our nation in two, I knew I needed to express them, even though I had no idea what I was doing or where this spontaneously born series would go.

Time lapse of the making of the mixed-media oilgraph painting 'The Borderlands' during the hot LA summer of 2006. Kevin Rolly - Artist. Caylee Sitz - Model

Much to Kevissimo's surprise the 700 Club ran a segment on his creation of two of the most brutal pieces from IN THE TIME OF THE JUDGES. Video by Steven Sproul. 

This is from last Saturday when I finished the latest piece for the series "In the time of the Judges." It was a ten minute performance at Theory Labs.
As the story goes, Abimelech, the bastard son of Gideon had taken over Israel by killing all seventy of his brothers in one day.

Kevin (aka. Kevissimo) creates the piece "Twelve" before the audience of Theory Labs - From the series "In the Time of the Judges." The performance was 12 minutes and the image was inspired by the story of Judges 19.

Performance by artist Kevin Rolly (aka Kevissimo) The piece is called Portends and was created at the Black Cat Gallery in Culver City, Ca

Jephthah's Daughter is one of the mot tragic stories in all of the book of Judges. We never know her name, but here artist kevin Rolly gives her a face. The oilgraph performance took place octoer 26, 2009 at First Christian Church in Huntsville, Tx.

Someone went to the trouble to put Kevissimo's images to the ENTIRE SOUNDTRACK of Peter Gabriel's Passion.