No Further (Hearts and Proud Waves)

No Further (Hearts and Proud Waves)

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Encaustic Oilgraph on wooden panel // 5.5” x 16”

"everything needs an end
everyone needs a shore
for which the proud waves crash
but go no further

and if i burn with rage
against your indifferent
and curling wave
take that as a sign
for what you seek
is no longer here
but built now on a stone you cannot see
and in a country for which
you have no map

and i will turn my eyes from you
(though you sweetly rise)
and i will close my ears to you
if you call my name
(like night jasmine  to a hungry moon)

here it ends
for it must

and god help me
for that is his desire

and i (if i am any kind of man)
will burn your name from me
with a fire you have yet to see"

-Private collection-

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