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Oilgraph on wooden panel // 24” x 32”

From Judges 12:1-6.

When a conflict arose between Gilead and Ephraim, Jephthah took the men of Gilead to the river Jordan and waited for the Ephraimites to cross. In order to distinguish "friend from foe" they asked the Ephraimites to pronounce the word "Shibboleth" which they could not. For they could only say "Sibboleth," for they had no 'sh' in their dialect.  

Anyone who said Sibboleth was killed. And 42,000 of the tribe of Ephraim were killed. 

Shibboleth has come to mean a custom, principle or believe that distinguishes or divides people groups, namely one which is considered "lesser."

Created in live performance October 23, 2016 - Theory Labs

This the latest in the ongoing Judges series. 

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