Palimimpsest Hand

Palimimpsest Hand

from 20.00

Oilgraph on canvas // 8” x 6”

"where fire and knives have failed
or the casting of April's relics
onto the invisible shores of Paris
brought back in its tides
only scented unyielding memory 

it took you of the wednesday eyes and august hands
to wrap circling and breath
over the face of this story
to erase (or try) the broken trace carved by a clumsy hand

Cicero in exile
and hearts led blind to the killing shed
in this long long season of dying
written and written again the staying of the blade
that never falls yet hangs damocles and taunting
as her pen carves "soon...soon..."

but now gently you write
as the paper thread breaks
and the tethered orbit lifts finally
out into the desert painted sky"


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