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Mixed media OilGraph with graphite, gun powder and blood on wooden panel // 16x24

The first gun powder piece. 
December 16, 2016. 

This is one of those pieces that waited for it's time. Grateful that it did. Originally I was going to make this for Artwalk but simply ran out of time. It was no accident. In the intervening time I got inspired by the incredible work of Cai Quo-Qiang and having always wanted to incorporate fire (and danger) into the work, yesterday I finally did. 

There's always a period in an artist's career where they don't know what to do next. What is the new thing? You can't force it. It comes from outside of you and decides when it will arrive. At least that's my experience. Yesterday was it. Printed in the morning, glued down the prints in the afternoon, did the underpainting and then came the new voice. Fire finally had a say. And it was for me summing up my feelings about 2016 and where we are at as a nation. 

Thanks to Greg Edwards for the fire assist and videos (coming next) and the incredible Athena Demos for yet again being the powerful woman she is.

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