Flesh of History

Flesh of History

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Unmounted Oilgraph // 8” x 10”

Friend of Kevissimo’s, and burn survivor, Alycia posed for 'Flesh of History.' Revealing the scars from numerous skin grafts Alycia was moving toward an emotional recovery.

"And no...
we shall not escape this world unscathed
For all the talk of healing
(which I believe)
and all the statues to freedom
(to which I cling)
we will be marked by this life

And if our lives shall mean anything
we will have walked through the fire
and taken the histories of pain upon our very skin

I will eat this life
like medicine

the nails of love
the tides of sorrow
and even the joy that consumes me
in the oasis of night
will be written

and written forever in the unseen places

pages of flesh
in a museum of history"


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