The Westerfeld Sessions - Hambone

The Westerfeld Sessions - Hambone

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Drummer and songwriter Hambone Hix

San Francisco. In the historic Westerfeld Mansion built in 1889 which was home to Russian Czarists, Kenneth Anger and frequently visited by everyone from The Grateful Dead, Big Brother and the Holding Company and pretty much every music personality during the 60's. Anton LaVey kept a tiger in the belltower which still to this day displays it's claw marks in the wood. 

When the band MUTAYTOR decided to record their new album in the mansion, they asked Kevissimo to capture the story. By this time the Polaroid 55 film was now discontinued. These were the final ones. The last polaroid was of Jimmy Siegel, the owner and caretaker of the Westerfeld Mansion. 

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