Paris Shore

Paris Shore

from 25.00

Oilgraph on canvas // 8” x 8”

"When I broke
under your touch
I heard my grandmother's voice

a childhood song
lullaby from the sweetkeeper
of my youth

"lavender blue...
lavender red..."

I thought of her smile
before the fading curtain
stirred by the Easter wind
and all her hopes
that blossomed like the spring of dreams
for me as summer ran to fall
and the leaves leapt to their death

You've lead me to a stream
that cannot be crossed
but at the bank
of desire I yield
and your stone
skips across me
to leave your trace
forever for awhile

your love will pass
though your touch
like the stone sinks
into memory
even now
and never will
it be swept away
for every flood
that will come quickly with the winter

and this...
blood, stone and smoke
I breathe you away
upon this Paris Shore"

-Private collection-

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