The Narrative of Victor Karloch (Official Poster)

The Narrative of Victor Karloch (Official Poster)

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Oilgraph on wooden panel  // 24” x 34”

Cristopher Lloyd

Kevissimo was commissioned by friend and filmmaker Kevin McTurk for the award winning film The Narrative of Victor Karloch starring Christopher Lloyd and Elijah Wood.  

"The Narrative of Victor Karloch is a Victorian ghost story puppet short film that utilizes 30 inch tall rod puppets, traditional shadow puppetry, rotoscope and rear projection to present the adventure of Victor Karloch, an alchemist, scholar, and ghost hunter, as he battles the supernatural forces of the Unknown. In this short film (which will the first of many tales), Victor Karloch receives a journal from a colleague who is involved in a salvage operation for a series of missing sea freighters in the North Sea. In this journal, Karloch's friend describes his descent into the abysmal deep with the use of a diving bell and his encounters with the ghosts of a lost Templar Knights ship."

Kevissimo had to composite Christopher's portrait with the body the miniature puppet version. For a brief time, due to rights, Kevissimo had to change the initial composite back to the original puppets head. This was that version. This original version is now back in use. Photographed at Warner Bros Studios. 

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