When I Wake

When I Wake

from 25.00

Oilgraph on canvas // 10" x 10”

The Signature piece for kevissimo's exhibition of the same title. 

“…perhaps this journey may all make sense.
I can’t explain
why so much of this world fell upon us
despite all hopes or the things we did to try
for just a moment in time
to bring something that mattered to life. 
Know that in the journeys of the theatre of us which held a rare hope
that we did nothing wrong

But a wheel inside me was set in motion  
that will not stop for all the rivers that have come between us
or the countries we tried to cross
which carried no map other than
the longing to get through
and which stretched on and on without mercy into
a night that hasn’t ceased.

To finally find a place to stop
and to find a peace
we have so often wanted. 

But this land doesn’t end and
every fire that burns through another heart
to leave ashes still holds some sort of promise however quiet. 

But peace
is not the same as happiness
and the river is still wide. 

will only happen once
(for me) and never again and now
are the days that if anything of value matters in this world at all
I must hold on to the song of the singer I cannot see. 
For in the melody that cuts me in half are the words ‘You love, because I loved you first.’


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